We aim to advance sleep medicine as an emerging academic discipline that should interest all healthcare organizations.

Knowledge about sleep medicine is a tool that should be available to all health professionals, so they can help all of their patients who need it.

“We promote sleep medicine and impart training to university youths to expand the universe of professionals in sleep medicine”

(M. José Masdeu PhD, January 2018)

Academic programs

First class in sleep medicine for undergraduate medical students.
Postgraduate studies in sleep medicine.
Technical degrees in sleep laboratory technology.

Collaborating academic institutions

International University of Catalonia

Our academic training program is possible thanks to a strategic agreement with the UIC Barcelona to establish (Center for Studies of Sleep Medicine AdSalutem Institute-UIC) with the invaluable collaboration with Dr. Joan Bosch. The university’s academic infrastructure will enable us to bring the subject of sleep medicine to the greatest number of students.


We have the invaluable guidance of Dr. Xavier Soler (Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine) to help us design this academic project.