Sleep disorders are multifactorial in origin.

The study of sleep and treatment of sleep disorders requires a highly specialized, personalized approach, especially when they occur concomitantly with certain highly complex diseases.

“We were pioneers in forming a multidisciplinary team of sleep medicine professionals with top international qualifications to take on the challenge of providing previously unavailable services”

(Oscar Sans MD, March 2018)

AdSalutem Institute proposes a model of care aimed at medical specialists to meet the needs of their patients.

We work to provide support for medical specialists and we count on their participation throughout the care process.

Doctor to Doctor

Integration with the treatment prescribed by the referring physician


level of
specialization in
sleep medicine

of precision

“Precision medicine is our mirror, grounded in predictive, preventive, personalized, and participative medicine”

(Alex Iranzo PhD, February 2018)

Clinical care lines

Specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of the specific sleep disorders
that are associated with each underlying condition

Neurologic disorders
Cardiometabolic disorders
Breast cancer
Pediatric behavioral disorders
Down’s syndrome