Agreeing on the importance of healthful sleep as a basic need and indispensible part of our lives, with the collaboration of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, three scientific organizations (AdSalutem Institute, IRB Lleida, and UIC Barcelona) have joined forces to promote the study of sleep, research and development in the field of sleep medicine, and teaching and training professionals. The result is the Global Sleep Observatory.

“The Global Sleep Observatory is the most efficient tool to join forces and resources in the framework of collaboration among institutions and professionals”

(Ferran Barbé PhD, February 2017)

The Global Sleep Observatory is also a forum dedicated to the study, research, dissemination, teaching, and promotion of the importance of healthful sleep.

One of the main objectives of the Global Sleep Observatory is to know the current status of the quality of sleep in our society, so we can detect deficiencies and define actions to correct them.

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Advocate for and disseminate the benefits of healthful sleep.

Encourage professional debate to increase the perception of the impact of sleep in different diseases.

Provide support for initiatives the promote better habits that help guarantee healthful sleep.

Defend a change in social perception regarding sleeping well.

Promote studies about healthful sleep and how to improve the quality of sleep.