Who we are

Highly qualified healthcare professionals specialized in sleep medicine, we are committed to coming up with innovative solutions for sleep problems in our society.

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“We aim to foster cooperation with all those who share our goals—we are an open, innovative, and enterprising organization”

(AdSalutem Institute Team, April 2018)

What we do

We generate scientific knowledge in sleep medicine and make the most of it to benefit our patients and society.

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Awareness of sleep as a pillar sustaining overall health

Importance of sleep in treating patients with severe illness.

Precise, accurate diagnosis of sleep disorders.

How we do it

Our activity is organized into three areas. 

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“We seek medical solutions to unresolved sleep problems to improve our patients’ prognosis”

(Alex Iranzo PhD, March 2018)


We work to develop knowledge in the field of sleep medicine by participating in scientific projects and studies.
We make this knowledge available to healthcare professionals through specialized academic programs.

Medical Assistance

We use a multidisciplinary approach to apply sleep medicine to complex clinical cases.
We provide personalized diagnosis and treatment for each patient.
We work together with primary care physicians and other referring specialists to help improve their patients’ health and quality of life.

Dissemination of knowledge

We stimulate interest in sleep and its importance for health and quality of life in all areas of society.
We strive to explain the importance of healthful sleep to all members of society.

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Where to find us

Pg. Manel Girona, 37 - Barcelona